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Breach of Contract Dispute Arising In Country Victoria

Berrigan Doube Lawyers are currently involved in negotiations between two parties located in country Victoria in relation to a breach of contract. The parties entered into an agreement for the sale of goods, upon which the purchaser of the goods who was our client’s ex-employer (“the Defendant”) failed to remunerate our client for.

After seeking our advice, a Complaint was filed in the Magistrates’ Court for breach of contract on behalf of our client.

In a defensive manoeuvre, the Defendant filed a counterclaim alleging negligence on behalf of our client, during his course of employment with the Defendant for an amount twenty five times in excess of our client’s claim. It should be noted that the counterclaim was only served on our client the day before the pre-hearing conference.

During the first pre-hearing conference the Defendant asserted that it would not pay our client a single cent in relation to its claim. As the counterclaim had only been served a day before the pre-hearing, the pre-hearing was adjourned to allow for filing of the counterclaim and subsequent discussion of the counterclaim.

During the second pre-hearing, discussions were entered into between parties, and we were successful in convincing the Defendant to put forward an offer to settle the matter. This was a huge advantage for our client given the defendant’s previous position that it would not pay our client any amount of compensation and given that the Defendant’s counterclaim was unequivocally large in comparison to our client’s claim.

Berrigan Doube Lawyers are positive in achieving a favourable outcome for our client.

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