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Sponsor Overseas Employees to Work in Australia

Standard Business Sponsorship (SBS) allows employers to sponsor persons to fill skilled positions in their business. Approved business sponsors are subsequently entitled to make application for nominations of skilled positions that they wish to be filled by an overseas worker.

To satisfy the SBS criteria, the employer must have a good business immigration record and be lawfully operating a business which actively engages in business activities.

The main component in obtaining SBS approval is to show that the employment of skilled workers from overseas must be of benefit to Australia. This may be demonstrated by showing the creation of additional jobs to Australian citizens / permanent residents, expansion of trade in Australia or international markets or the improvement of competition within certain sectors or industries of the Australian economy.

In addition to the above, the employer must also demonstrate that their Australian business introduces uses or creates new business skills or technology, or has shown a commitment towards training Australian citizens / permanent residents.

Obtaining SBS approval is only the initial step of securing skilled employees from overseas. The second stage is to nominate a skilled position to be filled by an overseas worker. The skilled position must be with respect to an approved occupation (as determined by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship) where remuneration is comparable to that being paid to other Australian employees carrying out the same duties and meet minimum gross annual salary requirements.

In essence, the business sponsorship program is to assist employers in securing employment with skilled employees in the industry without compromising the Australian workforce. Many factors and policy considerations are taken into account when assessing the merits of the application. From a practical point of view, it is highly important to plan out each stage of the overseas recruitment process before commencing an application to ensure that you have sufficient evidence and documentation in support of the skilled position you would like to fill, or in most cases, the employee you wish to employ.

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