Owners Corporation Debt Management Services

About us

Berrigan Doube Lawyers (“Berrigan Doube”) was established in 1927. Over the past 80 years, we have provided the Melbourne business community with our exceptional legal services in commercial law, litigation and property law. A Sydney office was established in 2007 to enable us to offer our legal services across both Melbourne and Sydney.

The debt management group at Berrigan Doube is one of our fastest growing groups in the recent years. We pride ourselves in being able to think outside of the box to provide legal and practical advice to our clients enabling our clients to make recovery of debts in the most timely and cost efficient way. At Berrigan Doube, we view the effective management of debt as an essential part of business success and have helped many of our clients to recover existing arrears and establish proper measures against future bad debts, particularly in the context of an unstable economy. Our experience includes areas such as corporate and private recovery, residential and retail leasing, bankruptcy and insolvency matters.

In particular, our lawyers and consultants have extensive experience in body corporate law and recovery of body corporation contribution fees and charges from Members. We understand the old law, the new law and the complex relationships which exist between the Owners Corporation, the Committee Members and an individual defaulting Member. As you know, the Owners Corporations Act 2006 (“the Act”) poses new administrative and strategic challenges for Owners Corporation and Managers at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (“VCAT”). Accordingly, we now offer a range of services specifically tailored to the management and recovery of debt within this context.