Banking and Finance

Our Banking and Finance Lawyers

Our banking and finance law team specialises in advising national and foreign banks, foreign subsidiary banks and foreign banks with consent to maintain a representative office in Australia. Our clients include some of the largest banks in Australia and around the world. Our experience covers both state-owned and private banks. Many of our lawyers are qualified in multiple jurisdictions and are capable of advising in foreign languages.


Rely on Berrigan Doube Lawyers in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane for banking and finance legal expertise. Our expert team ensures sound advice for your financial matters.


Our key areas of expertise and experience include:

  • Licensing applications including Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensing, Authorised Deposit-Taking Instution (ADI) licensing and Australian Credit licensing
  • Foreign banking applications in Australia
  • Residential, commercial and industrial finance
  • Lending facilities and financial agreements
  • Secured finance including mortgage of leasehold or freehold land and company charges
  • Mortgage enforcement
  • Provision of solicitors’ certificates
  • Review of corporate and trust structures for finance
  • Review of property and leasing contracts for finance
  • Banking and financial legal compliance
  • Foreign exchange legal compliance

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