Fixed Fee Payment Structure

Legal costs can be a scary thing when engaging lawyers.  With the widespread method of lawyers charging by the hour for all types of work they do on behalf of clients, a lot is left to the efficiency of the acting lawyer and their billing practices.  


We recognised long ago that this method of billing clients is not only unfair to clients who have no real oversight into how legal work is conducted by their lawyer, but also extremely uncertain because clients cannot budget with certainty, what a particular matter or project will cost with respect to legal fees.


Berrigan Doube Lawyers’ policy is therefore that in the majority of matters we handle for clients (excluding complex litigation matters), we charge a fixed fee which includes as many telephone calls, emails, amendments to contracts etc as is needed in order to complete the job.  We also have flexible monthly subscriptions for clients that require an “in-house counsel” style of service or for clients with a higher volume of legal matters.

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